Analyzing The Movie 'The Break Up'

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Ming Yuan WR 1 Professor Ozima September 25, 2014 Essay 2 Rough draft “I’m done! I don’t deserve this. I really do not deserve this. I deserve someone who gives a shit! I’m not spending one more second of this life with some inconsiderate prick!” In the movie, The Break Up, one of the characters, Brook, shouts these words out when she is extremely disappointed about her husband, Gary, and their relationship. The contradiction between husband and wife is universal in marriage. In the book, Blink, Malcolm Cladwell suggests that the future of a marriage can be predicted in a much shorter time than anyone ever imagined by using John Gottman’s marriage evaluating system. By using Gottman’s method, it is possible to gather necessary information for a sophisticated judgment of relationship in a short time. Based on only one fight and all details in the movie, it is predictable that the marriage of Brook and Gary is in an unhealthy situation, and they have a…show more content…
During their fight, all four horsemen are shown. At the beginning, Brook were stonewalling. Brook sit far away from Gary and crosses her arms. Then Gary comes up with Brook moving out and paying him compensation for his labor. When Brook starts defensiveness by disagreeing his points, Gary begins contempt and criticism. He blames Brook not helping in fixing the condo, and denies and makes joke about Brook’s work in fixing the condo. Brook defenses herself at the beginning by arguing her job makes the condo warm and like a home, but goes back to stonewalling again later. She crosses her arms again and look away from Gary trying to withdraw from the conversation avoid conflict. However, as Gary keeps contempt and criticism by stressing what he did and saying very abusive words, Brook starts defenses herself and criticizes Gary. Finally they yell at each other so hard that their friend has to interrupt their
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