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My primary research interests are in the fields of mechanical engineering. MS in mechanical engineering can provide me with the platform to further improve and ultimately refine my knowledge and skills in my areas of interest. I wish to contribute areas like automotive, production and manufacturing, and renewable energy sources in this field significantly by acquiring the learning that will enable me to contribute to the development of mechanical engineering, which can improve efficiency and accuracy of work in varied spheres. I believe the MS program from your esteemed university is pivotal for me as quality, knowledge and impeccable guidance will mold me to be in the learning mode all my life, opening the way for constant growth as a person…show more content…
Later in my plus two I had opted a stream which has its majors in Mathematics and Physics. Fortunately I got to know that these are the two subjects which are majorly required to be a good engineer. I strove hard to get a good command over the basics underlying these subjects and secured with good percentage. All these activities used as a driving force for me to take up mechanical engineering for my under graduation with an intense urge to delve into the challenging…show more content…
I have done mini project titled “A STUDY OF INDUSTRIAL HYDRAULICS IN BLAST FURNANACE” under the supervision of Deputy General Manager DR.RAMESHCHANDAR in Vizag Steel Plant where I have got good knowledge of hydraulics and its usages. I have done a project on “FORD CARS AND SERVICES” in a company named Vibrant Automobile Pvt Limited under the guidance’s of service manager Mr. Kouser Ali where I have got ample knowledge and good exposure to technical skills of automobiles. I have done a internship in Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited regarding “THE STUDY OF MANUFACTURING OF STEAM TURBINE ROTOR”. I have studied about the procedure of making rotor for steam turbine and I have studied the rankine principles on which turbine

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