Perks Of Being A Wallflower Essay

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Stephen Chbosky’s first novel, published in 1999, “Perks of Being a Wallflower” possess a unique style of literature that stands the test of time. It is written in a way in which I haven’t read before, an epistolary; however it is written so well that all aspects of the plot are delivered with enough detail and emotion. This is a vivid and piercing book with a real sense of teenage struggle of an internal battle with the protagonist, Charlie. He is constantly confused by romantic thoughts, social situations, and in discovering himself. Charlie doesn’t fit in with the other kids, in simple terms he is a “wallflower”, he is a remarkably intelligent kid. At a young age Charlie has faced many hardships that shaped his personality of being reserved, very sensitive, and socially awkward. When he is introduced to 2 seniors, Sam and Patrick, Charlie’s life on the sidelines, shifts to a more participating role. With a greater participation in what life has to offer, Charlie…show more content…
We become familiarized with Charlie’s direct emotions by Chbosky’s technique of transmitting his feelings in the form of letters to an anonymous “friend”. Although Charlie seemed to face many difficulties in adapting to new situations in uncharted territory, Charlie realizes that he is tired of living life in the sidelines and slowly becomes accustomed to experience life. In the terms of this book, he only needed that perfect mixtape on that long drive to feel infinite and take life one step at a time. Charlie’s coming of age story is not like many other characters or people, he had to overcome a major incident in his adolescent years which frequently pops back up into his life and adds to the already difficult struggle in growing up. This book carries you along Charlie’s unchartered rollercoaster which creates the depth that this novel
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