How Is God's Omniscience Compatible With Human Freedom?

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Is God's omniscience compatible with human freedom? does God knowing everything remove our ability or power of acting without the constrain of necessity or fate?. A brilliant philosopher named Nelson Pike has developed an argument that states "If God is omniscient, free choice is impossible."(Nelson Pike, 250). He also gives us the example of making the choice of what flavor should your ice cream be. God knew long before that moment what you were going to choose. If you have the option to choose one of the flavors of ice cream, then you also have the option to pick any other flavor and therefore disprove God's belief or make it true and by this prove that God does not control our actions and choices. This point of view about free will has many…show more content…
That's the beauty of it!". This part of the movies gives us some incite of this problem of free will, since we can question the existence and God proves that we have some sort of free will. Also in the movie "The Matrix" directed by Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski, it talks about an all knowing person named the "Oracle" who appears to know everything that will ever happen. In one scene of this movie the protagonist "Neo" talks with "Oracle" and says to her while she offers him a candy, "Do you already know if I'm going to take it" and the "Oracle" responds yes but "Neo" tells her "But if you already know, how can I make a choice?". This also shows the aspect of free will, if God knows everything then how can we really make a choice. There are many other movies, books, stories and songs that question if we truly have free will. But we can never be sure. We might have free will even thought God knows everything that will and can happen before we were even

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