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GENERAL 1. Title- A Raisin in the Sun 2. Author- Loraine Hansberry 3. Date of Original Publication- 1959 4. Novel Type- Historical Fiction STRUCTURE Point of View- 3rd Person 1. Relationship to meaning: The point of view is important because it allows the reader to fully understand the meaning of the book. It explains the thoughts and feeling of the characters allowing the reader to visualize things in the book more clearly. 2. Plot Structure a. Exposition – The book begins by a $10,000 insurance check coming in the mail due to the Younger’s father passing away. Everyone in the family has and idea of what they want to do with the money in order to reach a goal. b. Inciting Incident – An inciting incident is when the family has an argument…show more content…
Protagonist a. Name and significance- Walter Younger b. Characteristics and thematic significance- Walter is a dreamer that wants to do something for himself and his family. He wants to make money and be rich and he plans to do so by starting a liquor store with his friends Willy and Bobo. c. Change or epiphany and thematic significance – He experienced change when he thought Mama had spent all the money on the house. He became depressed because he believed that his dream had been crushed. When he found out Mama did not spend all of the money he was not depressed anymore because his dream could come true. It is important to the theme because his dream was what broke him and it was what made him.e 2. Antagonist a. Name and significance - Society b. Characteristics and significance – Society has limitations and standards for Walter that he wants to break. Throughout the book Walter encounters many of these limitations and is weakened by them every time. Society made it very difficult for Walter to have dreams and follow them. 3. Other Significant Characters a. Name and significance – Ruth is Walter’s wife and she is important because she gave Walter strength and helped him out throughout the…show more content…
Name and significance – Mama is Walter’s mother and she loves and cares about Walter. She is the owner of the insurance money that Walter wants so badly. b. Characteristics – Mama is stern, thoughtful, strong and caring. She loves her family and does the best she can for them. c. Thematic or plot-oriented purpose – Mama keeps her family strong throughout the book and enables them to keep moving forward. SETTING 1. Place and symbolic significance- The Younger's live in an apartment in Southside Chicago. It is significant because the apartment represents the Younger's as a family that is not rich. Throughout the book the Younger's talk about moving out of the dirty apartment and moving in to a real house. Mama makes the decision to buy a house with the insurance money. 2. Time period and contextual significance- The time period in A Raisin in the Sun was based during the time of the Jim Crow Laws during the 20th century. It is significant because it affects the way the Younger's live and it affects the opportunities that they have. 3. Time span- About a couple of weeks. CONFLICTS 1. Main conflict- Walter wanting to do better in the world for himself and his family but being unable to due to society. a. type of conflict- man vs.

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