The Movie 'Channing Tatum In The Vow'

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I chose Channing Tatum for my character analysis. I have made this choice because ‘Tatum’ has been one of my favorite actors since; I watched a movie called Side Effects. Today I am going to analyze his character from the motion picture The Vow which is a romance, drama film about a couple that lives a normal type of life until a car accident that turns their whole world upside-down. This film will have you filled with mixed emotions. The Vow is a must see film. This analysis will cover the concepts of Tatum’s interpersonal, social, cultural, physical, intellectual, environmental, and spiritual wellness. Let’s take a look at what was in the mind, body, and soul of Channing Tatum during this movie. First, I will look inside his interpersonal wellness. In the beginning of the film Tatum was a peaceful person within his self. He was a laid back, sweet, loving, and caring individual you know the type of person that everyone wants to be around. As the film continued on he remained the same until an unfolding event took place that had slightly altered his inner being. I noticed that he became aggravated, and sad but, Tatum never gave up he continued to push through the events that was laid upon him to be there for his wife. I believe that Tatum’s interpersonal wellness is…show more content…
He had to alter his normal life to learn how deal with the drastic change of their life, and to find different ways that could help his wife remember him. Examples would be to reenact their first date, talking about their life before and after marriage and the accident itself, and even helping with a picture time line of events from childhood up to the events before the accident. To learn to live life that is completely out of routine has to be challenging on one’s intellectual level. Like the saying goes what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Tatum was this

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