Who Is The Sinner In Dante's Inferno

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Question #1 In Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy he crafted this ugly place where sinners belong after death. These sinners are categorized as sinners by catholic values or by Dante's own vendettas. When I read Dante’s' Inferno I found some of the sins where simply just mistakes and the punishments where extremely harsh. In my understanding of the catholic religion, God is suppose to be all forgiving kind. However, now that I am assigned to analysis the characters as deserving to be in the inferno by means of catholic values and Dante’s revenge it is all clear to me onto why these people where there. The first all deserving character that is seen in hell which makes the most from a catholic point of view would have to be the “Prince of Hell”…show more content…
Lucifer represents the characteristics demonstrated in all the sinner in hell. These traits are darkness, trickery, temptation and destruction. Which I noticed in all of the character in Danes inferno. Lucifer hold all of the traits makes him the most worthy of his place in the inferno. In the bible it is referenced that Lucifer and the other demonic figures were created by God, good in nature but they by themselves have made themselves evil. Here it is clearly said that the man and creatures where created innocence, and that they became evil or sinners by acts ou there own. It is suggested that men and women sin by the suggestion of the Luicer and not my God, because God mad us PERFECT. We ultimately choose our place with the devil, an eternity of…show more content…
He the political rival of Dante who is seen in the Fifth Circle of Hell. As dante travels through all the circles of he he shows remorse and pity towards the characters. Once he sees Filippo Argenti his attitude changes and is no longer felling sorrow. Dante actually see pleaser in this. As I do more back ground research on who Filippo is foe or sinner, I found he is more foe to Dante then an actually sinner. Dante and Filippo where once neighbors before his exile of Florence. It is said that Filippo slapped Dante in a quarrel due to there political divid. Filippo's brother had actually taken Dante's possessions after his exile. Filippo and Dante had an obvious hatred towards one another. It was never really clear to me what Filippo's sin

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