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CHAPTER-2 2. LITERATURE SURVEY Cyber security is the activity of protecting information and information systems (networks, computers, data bases, data centre and applications) with appropriate procedural and technological security measures. Firewalls, antivirus software, and other technological solutions for safeguarding personal data and computer networks are essential but not sufficient to ensure security. As our nation rapidly building its cyber-Infrastructure, it is equally important that we educate our population to work properly with this infrastructure. Security counter measures help ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of information systems by preventing or mitigating asset losses from cyber security attacks. Recently…show more content…
An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a program that analyses what happens or has happened during an execution and tries to find indications that the computer has been misused. A wide range of metaphors was considered, including those relating to: military and other types of conflict, biological, health care, markets, three-dimensional space, and physical asset protection. These in turn led to consideration of a variety of possible approaches for improving cyber security in the future. These approaches were label as “Heterogeneity”, “Motivating Secure Behavior”, and “Cyber Wellness”. Cyber Security plays an important role in the development of information technology as well as Internet services. Our attention is usually drawn on “Cyber Security” when we hear about “Cyber Crimes”. Our first thought on “National Cyber Security” therefore starts on how good is our infrastructure for handling “Cyber Crimes”. This paper focus on cyber security emerging trends while adopting new technologies such as mobile computing, cloud computing, e-commerce, and social networking. The paper also describes the challenges due to lack of coordination between Security agencies…show more content…
N. Abdesselam [24] described an efficient method for detect and avoid wormhole attacks in the OLSR protocol. The detection mechanism of wormhole explained in this paper. The solution given in this paper has very good advantage against previous methods. S. Jain [25] also explains different methods for identify and isolating wormhole without using any cryptographic method. In this paper Y. Chun Hu [26] explained a general mechanism, for the detection and protection from wormhole which is called as packet lashes. Implementation of this system also described in this paper. Saranya, T. etl. [27] explained new system for the protection of mobile by using new malicious attack detection method. This method developed for android system using algorithm. J. Puthenkovilakam [28] described the malicious attack detection using real time operating system

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