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In Lloyd Jones’ novel Mister Pip, he illustrates that there times when everyone needs the help of others and relationships plays a big part of it. The protagonist Matilda was just such a character. When Matilda is threatened in situations...The relationships Matilda has with the village locals, her parents, and Mr. Watts positively impacted her life. The relationships Matilda has with the village locals positively impacted her life because the village had a peaceful atmosphere, the locals always helped her, and one of the village local’s family saved her life. Matilda lived in one small peaceful village of Bougainville with a population of about sixty people. No fights or argument ever happen among in the villagers throughout the book. From…show more content…
Matilda has been living with her mother ever since she was born and only with her since a young age because her father left the country to work. Her mother believes in Christ and taught her how to be a great person. Her mother always helped her with small things such as waking her for school in chapter three. Matilda’s mother is always positively supporting her from behind even in times when it is peaceful. One day, during blockade, the rambos from the rebels came swarming into the village. They rebel got drunk at night and they needed women to accommodate them. Lloyd Jones included this paragraph as well as Matilda’s mother’s line in Mister Pip that “I watch my mum get up and arrange herself across the entrance of our shelter...“They want girls”,she said”(qtd. in L. Jones 160) shows her trying to protect Matilda from the wild drunken rambos.When the redskin soldiers tried to kill Matilda because she witnessed something that the redskins did not want anyone to see, her mom sacrificed herself to save Matilda’s life. These acts from Matilda’s mom demonstrates how much Matilda’s mother had loved her and how it positively impacted her

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