Should Teenagers Use Online Essay

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"Ring, ring, ring" snapchat from Jessie. She leaves homework and checks her phone. Next day getting ready for school she realized she didn't finish her homework. High School student get distracted so much going online. They don't inherit homework or school related substances done to be on the phone. High School students can't leave their phones for a minute. I believe that there should be a limited amount of time to be online. Teenagers spend too much time on and don't accomplish their obligations. Emphasisd are that teenagers don't know how to use online for useful times. However, they are reasons to use online, but there are also inadequate effects to it. It also depends on what you're in and what you're doing online." All of this access can be dangerous; those who abuse the internet converts and trapped in a cyber riptide of sorts, pulled in further and further as their time online increases, their school performance declines, and their family and peer relationships begin to suffer"(Source 1). For all of these teens could have problems at school such as at home. Parents should want to limit the time the there teenage kid spends online each day. Accordingly, they are different types of ways that teenagers use online and for how long…show more content…
From time to time students don't know what they're doing and they hurt other people. “At my school, uttermost conversations seem to be about gossiping whether that guy is gay or not and whether that gorgeous girl dating the hottest guy deserves to be call‘whore’ or not.” (Source 3 article Crossing the Line Online: Sexual Harassment and Violence in the Age of Social Media) Teens that post or say bad conditions on social media to hurt someone else is why right now in days you can't trust no one or students at the school care too much drama that leads them to obtain into an argument or even worse like a
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