Military Political System In Pakistan

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Thus, Pakistan, contrary to vision of its founding father, presents the chequered history of democracy.Ironically,the constitution has been suspended thrice (1977, 1999 and 2007) and abrogated twice (1958 and 1969). More than half of its political life has been encroached by military generals.The army has toppled five elected government till now.The ex-prime minister(ZA Bhutto),who was very popular political leader of that time in 70s ,and also known as a giver of Atomic power to Pakistan, was ruthlessly executed by judicial murder.Morever, General Musharraf forced two Ex-prime ministers(Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif) to live in exile and their political parties were banned. Thus, the military direct involvement in politics has badly…show more content…
What is really requiring is a civil-military relationship that allows for the civil institutions to flourish and the military to stand in the background of this civil environment. I shall use Huntington’s concept of civilian supremacy and how it keeps the military in is evident from countries all over the world, where civilian supremacy is in function and political system is strong, the military cannot dare to interfere in politics. In this context, I shall try to analyse how much weak political system in Pakistan tempts military to make any justification to jump into civilian…show more content…
Therefore, many missing links need to be explained Samuel Huntington is well recognised for his monumental work on civil-military relations, he has explained in detail different level of civil-military relationship .according to him, military encroachment can be prevented by civilian supremacy and characteristics of civilian supremacy are high level of political institutionalisation.He has described four characteristics of strong political system, which ensures civilian supremacy and military works within its specified jurisdiction. I shall use his theory of praetorianism,where military interferes in the politics because of weak political institution. This theory can be applied to Pakistan, where the military is a so powerful institution and political system is very weak. Almost 70 years have gone but still true democratic set up has yet to take roots in Pakistan. There is unbridgeable imbalance in civil-military relation. This case study will illustrate how weak political institution allows military to interfere and what are the role of military in shaping the political system of

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