Police Hiring Process

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Each and every day, police departments across the nation hire normal every day citizens to help strengthen their police department. This fact remains true in the City of Phoenix where the population continues to rise rapidly. Because of the rise in population, more police officers are needed to help make sure that everyone is safe. However, in order to become a police officer in the Phoenix Police Department or achieve certification under the Arizona Police Officer Standards and Training Board, people have to meet certain requirements and maintain these requirements in order to offically bear the authority that comes with being a public servant. Hiring Criteria for the AZPOST and the Phoenix Police Department In order to receive AZPOST certification,…show more content…
Before applying for the job, a candidate must have met certain requirements. These requirements include holding a high school diploma or General Education Diploma and passing a background check (“Phoenix Police Department Hiring Process”, n.d.) Once these requirements are met, the candidate can begin the process of becoming a Phoenix Police Officer. First, a person must apply for a job as a police officer (“Phoenix Police Department Hiring Process”, n.d.). After the person has applied to the agency, they are scheduled for a written examination (“Phoenix Police Department Hiring Process”, n.d.). After the written examination, the person will be sent to the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy to be administered the physical examination (“Phoenix Police Department Hiring Process”, n.d.). After the physical examination, the candidate will be given a background assessment (“Phoenix Police Department Hiring Process”, n.d.). After the background assessment, the candidate is given a polygraph test to certify that the information contained in the background assessment is true (“Phoenix Police Department Hiring Process”, n.d.). After the polygraph test, the candidate will meet with a psychologist to determine their mental capabilities (“Phoenix Police Department Hiring Process”, n.d.). After the psychological exam, the candidate will…show more content…
Because the law enforcement profession requires the utmost highest level of professionalism, the title of police officer should be the same level difficulty of training as a person who is working to earn the title of lawyer. Today, police officers can get in to law enforcement with a high school diploma which does not compare to the legal professional who is required to get a Juris Doctorate degree. I think that even though police officers do not need to be one hundred percent proficient in law, the level of education required should be at least a bachelor’s

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