Should People Be Allowed To Make Their Own Decisions?

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Everyone has rights when they enter the world. Everyone is always told to make pleasing choices in one’s life. What might happen if everyone was allowed to make their own decisions? What would our society become? Underage activities, disobedience to authorities and parents, and illegal activities involving the government are just some of the reasons why people shouldn’t decide for themselves. Concerning this topic, minors can opt to participate in underage activities such as drinking, driving, and smoking. It states, “Kara drove… I let her drive the car that even I wasn’t supposed to drive yet.” (225). Kara, Locke, and Jenna were in a car that Kara had been driving illegally. This resulted in the car accident and Kara and Locke’s death. The text states, “You can come to my house. Anywhere. I’ll take you somewhere where no one will find you.” (248) Parents always want to do what’s best for their kids, and keeping them safe is a priority. Young individuals should not be able to make their own decisions because their choices could impact them later in life if they didn't make the right call. In order to keep children safe from accidents and options they make that could affect the rest of their life, they shouldn’t make their own choices. One might object that, no one would have any freedom to…show more content…
The text states, “ It was a party.” (225). The three people didn’t follow the rules, which led to breaking the law, reckless driving, and the deaths of two individuals. Jenna’s father also broke the rules to save Jenna from dying, with BioGel. People should not be able to make their own life choices because the unacceptable decisions we make will impact us forever and never go away. In order to keep the people involved and others safe, only certain people should be able to provide their own choices and then people like your parents, make your choices for

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