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ASSISTED SUCIDE One of the human rights that is highly valued by Americans is the” right to life”, but in many cases the slogan “the right to die” is just as important. In many articles people are widely divided by this touchy subject called Assisted Suicide, there are plenty of mixed reviews about the difference between the right to die and the right live. In Britain the government passed the physician assisted suicide law because they felt that the people of their country had the right to what they called “basic human freedom”. In the 1990s the United States, the right to die movement moved from the hands of the people to the hands of the congress, whereas the issue is still at a standstill. Also, during the 1990s the release of Dr. Kevorkian’s philosophy “death with dignity” for terminal illness hit the news. He was a popular doctor who helped people around the world with terminal illness who wanted to end their life by assisting them to suicide. It wasn’t just Dr. Kevorkian who had the same mind set of the right to die, people around the world witness their love ones go through tremendous amount of pain and suffering with their illness. On the other hand, the government feels that…show more content…
Taking your life away and having another person help you do that is just as bad as murder. In the debate about assisted suicide said by,SoWinf “Helping someone cut their life short is nearly as bad as murdering them yourself”. What she meant was that people are not thinking twice about their decisions to die, and that their love ones should encourage them to want to live and spend their time they have left with their families. If assisted suicide should ever be legalized throughout the whole United States then it “will lead people to value one life more, or less than another.” said by SadLamar85. Which means they would devalue life but be comfortable with

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