Disadvantages Of Facebook Essay

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According to part II (the frequency of learning English on Facebook) of the second section in the questionnaire, the result of this part is seldom, sometimes, and often. Firstly, the first year English major students of Maejo University seldom chat in English with foreigners on Facebook. There are only about eight percent of students that often do. Around 49 percent of students seldom write Facebook notes in English. Students approximately 40 percent seldom write Facebook comments in English. Male students write Facebook comments in English more frequently than female students. Contacting with teachers or their members about English learning in Facebook groups is more frequently in male students. Secondly, the first year English major students of Maejo University sometimes read articles in English that are shared on Facebook, watch video clips in English that are shared on Facebook, and post Facebook status in English. The final is that the first year English major students of Maejo University often listen to English songs that are shared on Facebook. In keeping with the interview, it is found that the majority of the first year English…show more content…
The students give their opinions that there are various meanings in one English word, so they sometimes cannot use the word in appropriate context. The problem with internet connection or the terrible reception is an essential obstacle that most students confront. Furthermore, they cannot ask anyone when they do not understand something on Facebook. Unlike studying in the classroom, they always can response with their teacher in whole studying time. In addition, the students showed their negative attitudes that Facebook has more interesting things which can annoy their attention to learning English. The temptations can be online games, video clips, and gossip news which can withdraw their interest in learning
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