Julia Alvarez's Selections From: Once Upon A Quinceanera

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Growing up thinking to yourself “is this really me?” One sits and thinks about all that has brought you all the way up to this point in life. Most times people become discouraged in life due to the influences they have had. Also the outcomes that tag along with what influences one had. There are many influences that may push individuals to believe in being happy and full of life. Living a life where one's family is involved in any decision an individual makes may take a toll on who they choose to be. This indeed is because there are particular families who believe in rituals and values that they throw upon their children. Thinking of what type of individual one is inside and out, most families oppose the decision one makes if it is not morally right in…show more content…
Reading Julia Alvarez’s “Selections from: Once Upon a Quinceanera” she elaborates on families and their communities, cultures and its influence. After reading a connecting story called “Parents Keep Child's Gender Secret” by Jayme Poisson, introduces the idea of covering, not as a person but covering what could rightfully be yours. One's value, one's gender and identity. She also introduces an idea where people in most cases parents, indeed are stepping up and trying to change the way rituals and beliefs were back then to a more modern way now. With both stories we learn that they conjoin together when they speak about families, their rituals, and how it involves gender/self identities.These two stories tie together because in first story Julia Alvarez portrays what influences a family has amongst their children and whether what they do affects them in a negative and or positive way. Having certain culture values and beliefs may impact the way one sees their self and gender identities because most parents like to be overly involved in how their child chooses their right of way in

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