Should Assisted Suicide Be Legalised Essay

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Should assisted suicide be legalised in the United Kingdom? Assisted suicide is a subject that people have different opinions about. It is a highly debated topic in society. Recent research showed that three quarters of Britain support assisted suicide and think the law should be changed. This debate has come back into the public recently because one of the nation’s favourite television shows, Coronation Street, have brought the topic into the storyline. Over ten million viewers watched the episode when one of their most popular characters ended their own life. Firstly, one strong argument against this is that it goes against religious beliefs. The religious argument is that humans are a creation of God and therefore human life is sacred. Some people believe that only God should decide when someone should die. Therefore, committing suicide would be against the Word of God and it is considered a sin. Secondly, assisted suicide can have serious consequences for…show more content…
They believe that doctors should not be allowed to “play God”. There is a concern that this will not always be used in the best interests of the patients. Those who help others to end their life could face legal action. This is why so many so many people want the laws to be changed. There was a British doctor called Harold Shipman who was one a serial killer believed to have committed up to 250 murders. In March 1998, Dr Linda Reynolds expressed concerns to John Pollard, a coroner, about the high death rate with Shipman's patients. She was concerned about the large number of forms for old women that Shipman had signed. The police were unable to find enough evidence to bring charges. Between 17 April 1998 and Shipman's arrest he killed three more people. He had thought that they would be in no more pain so he thought that it was right to do this. Therefore, if assisted suicide became legal, people might not trust doctors as

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