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I have been doing gymnastics for most of my life. I have had an injury every year since 5th grade. After I heal, I come back stronger than I was before. 9th grade When I looked at my foot, I realized that I ripped off my toenail. I was on my way to coach community school’s gymnastics at the high school when I somehow ran over my foot with the door. I didn’t think it was a big deal. I didn’t feel any pain then. At the time, I thought I just could tape it and it would be fine. I decided to go to the bathroom and clean it up. I never thought that there would be that much blood. It surprised me that I had to use at least 10 paper towels for it to stop bleeding. I also had to clean my shoe. A mom and a little girl walked in to use the bathroom and then walked immediately out. I think it was because of all the blood and they didn’t want to be around me. I felt confused and sad. What made it worse was that it was national gymnastics day and two days after my birthday. To this day, I still have 9 and ¾ ish toenails. 6th grade At gymnastics practice, the coach was making us do back handsprings. I must’ve put my hand down wrong because I felt a pop and heard a crack when I hit the floor. I felt a huge sharp pain in my middle finger. When I looked. my knuckle was way over to the right of where it was supposed to be. I…show more content…
My coach expected a lot from us. We had to to 5 perfect in a row. That meant no wobbling, connecting the skills without a pause and sticking the landing. One time, doing the cartwheel, I wasn’t going straight. I knew I should’ve paused to regain my balance, but I chose to connect the skills because it would’ve been my 5th. I went really crooked in the back tuck and landed with my foot rolled in on the edge of the mat. As soon as I landed, I knew I sprained it. It started swelling up right away and slowly turning purple. At that moment, taking care of my ankle was more important than sticking

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