Should Illegal Immigrants Have Legal Work

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For as long as I know, illegal immigrants have been migrating to the United States, and it has been an immense issue concerning the world and the people around us. Current Hispanics and other Latinos are one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the United States. Today, a lot of immigrants want to travel to our country to have an advantage of a better life for their economic opportunity, families and to spurt from political persecution. In my opinion, I feel as if every immigrant that does not break the law and that actually works to support their family should have the right to have a legal work permit whereas Americans that actually have the opportunity to work do not and live off welfare. This will give them more opinions to work different places and not have them worked under other peoples’ names illegally. In today’s society, many illegal immigrants are employed unlawfully and the government is not conscious on how many of them are truly getting away with it, while others are getting incarcerated and getting kept away from their workforce. Now, a lot of illegal immigrants are being ejected very easily from their workforce and off the streets…show more content…
citizen would think it is totally not worth getting beat down over it and they can find something a lot easier. In the article that I read prior to this, Mr. Barack Obama stated that U.S. born citizens earned as much as 500 dollars more than what an illegal person did. Immigrants would work any job to get compensated enough for them, even in the job does require hard labor because even though they are not getting paid the best. They have a well life here, more than what they ever would back where they migrated from. If there were no illegal immigrants in this country, legal Americans would not work those jobs that have such low wages, and they eventually would run out of

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