Donald Trump's Immigration Policy

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Immigration policy is currently a political hot topic. People of all kinds are interested the United States' immigration policy because they believe it can affect them for a variety of reasons such as: the ability to obtain employment, the amount of taxes they pay, or the ability to have their family together. This issue concerns politicians as well; some state politicians think having many immigrants settle in their state is having a detrimental effect. It is a very important issue for the candidates in the upcoming primaries for the 2016 presidential election, and the reason for Donald Trump's radical immigration policy. Presidential candidate Donald Trump's immigration policy has proven attractive to many voters, but consists of numerous…show more content…
The main premises of his immigration policy are strengthening border security, deporting more immigration law violators, and blocking immigration through canceling or limiting various work, educational, and refugee programs. He proposes building a wall along the United States-Mexico border at Mexico's expense, making it harder for foreign workers to gain entrance or work visas, ending automatic citizenship to all people born on U.S. land, making refugee standards tighter, and encouraging harsher law enforcement on undocumented immigrants. He suggests doing this through political blackmail, by refusing to provide federal aid or cooperation to Mexico until it pays for the wall and refusing federal grants to any city which does not cooperate with these federal changes. Enacting these changes will ultimately save the taxpayer money versus the huge costs illegal immigration entails and free up funds for more worthy causes Trump claims. However, the reality is rather different than what Trump claims. A wall…show more content…
Trump wants to decrease illegal immigrants by ending birthright citizenship. Citizens and politicians alike are divided on this issue which would make this a difficult change. Since birthright citizenship is associated with the fourteenth amendment, it would probably be necessary to pass a new amendment to do away with it. Some believe the amendment could be reinterpreted. If birthright citizenship did end, there is no national registry of American citizens. Many citizens would have difficulty proving their status without being able to use their birth certificate and many children would still be born in the United States without any status. This move could produce an underclass of people born in the country without citizenship that could be easily exploited. Donald Trump also believes that all prospective immigrants should be required to prove that they will have the ability to care for themselves, including healthcare, before coming to the United States. This could cut costs for the United States, since fifty-seven percent of Mexican immigrants do use means-tested government programs, and fifty-four percent of Mexican immigrants do not have health insurance. However, that does not mean immigrants should be required to prove their ability to care for themselves. Another area of immigration policy Donald

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