Foreign Labor In Indonesia

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The definition of Immigrant is someone from another country who settled and lived permanently to a different country than the country of origin. Usually the immigrant is coming to another country to find work because of in their country of origin they do not get a job. The Immigrant workers, most of from the developing countries and seek employment in developed countries. Because of the economic difficulties, the narrowness of jobs and low wages in developing countries to encourage people to come into developed countries In the discussion this time the author will discuss about limiting the Access for Immigrant Entering the Labor Market for the Sake of the National Society, specifically legal immigrant in Indonesia. Although their legal status,…show more content…
Foreign workers it is enhancer income for the country, and can drive the spirit of Indonesian workers to improve the quality of human resources, in order to compete with foreign labor. But behind the positive impact, there are so many negative effects, because as we know, sometimes the rules were not in accordance with the practice. In the matter of the use of foreign labor in Indonesia, the government is expected to more careful and focused so that no more illegal foreign workers to seek profits in Indonesia, where the profits it is the right of citizens Indonesia. If problems foreign workers have been able to overcome the government, the question of Indonesia's economy was more in control and maintained its stability. We agree to limit immigrant workers in labor market in Indonesia. Because it could harm the national society or even Indonesia itself, moreover because we care about Indonesia. And along with that we can still improve the skills of domestic workers so that Indonesian workers can compete with foreign labors and have more skill. By doing so, the Indonesian workers can be trusted to be employed as a leader. We still allow the immigrant workers to enter the labor market in Indonesia, but we just decrease the number of immigrant workers and it would be fair to domestic workers. We state again, we absolutely agree to limit the access for immigrant entering the labor market to avoid the loss of national identity, jealousy between domestic workers with immigrant worker. And also so as not to harm the country, the government and businessmen can pay attention to basic things before hiring foreign workers in Indonesia. Because it can be worrying, given local workers with good qualifications are very much available in
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