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Immigration and California’s Strawberry Industry Do you ever wonder who harvest and hand picks the fruit and vegetable that you buy and eat? Most of the fruit and vegetable that you eat and buy are harvest and handpicked in California by illegal immigrants from Mexico. Eric Schlosser is the author of the article “In the strawberry fields” in this article, Schlosser discusses the several hardships that these immigrants had to face. The poor working conditions that the immigrants had to go through were unbelievable, the immigrants did not even get paid enough for the work they did, they had to agree to sharecropping, and the immigrants did not have the best living conditions. The solutions to these problems are to pay the immigrants the amount…show more content…
The immigrants need to comprehended the contracts. Schlosser explains that, “Most of the sharecroppers who sign these contracts--which can be as long as thirteen pages, single-spaced--cannot read them. The contracts are entirely in English, whereas the vast majority of sharecroppers are Spanish-speaking farm workers who have little experience with legal documents” (Schlosser). The immigrants did not even know what they were signing. This solution will work because immigrants would understand what the contract says. “Its basically a form of debt peonage”…show more content…
The solution is to provided low-income homes for the immigrants. The houses should not be crowded and be build with good quality. This solution will work because it will the farm-workers not worry about where they are going to sleep. This solution did not work in the past because “The suburbanites do not like living beside Mexican farm workers. Instead of providing low-income housing, local authorities have declared states of emergency, passed laws to forbid curbside hiring, and bulldozed many of the large encampments. San Diego growers appalled by the living conditions of their migrants have tried to build farm-worker housing near the fields--only to encounter fierce resistance from neighboring homeowners” (Schlosser). When trying to build a household for the migrants, it caused problems with the neighbors. It will work now because anyone can live were they want to live. If we don’t help the farm-workers get a stable home they will become

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