Illegal Immigration Persuasive Essay

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Nguyen, Hoan History A175 M 6:00 - 9:00 Annotated Bibliography Thesis: “In the 2015 GOP debate, Donald Trump claimed that Mexico is sending their criminals to the United States to commit crimes against U.S. citizens. In reality, immigrants from Mexico and crimes being committed by them have not taken a noticeable increase.” Barrera, Ana Gonzalez, and Jens Manuel Krogstad. "What We Know about Illegal Immigration from Mexico." Pew Research Center RSS. Pew Research Center, 15 July 2015. Web. 14 Sept. 2015. Ana Gonzales-Barrera works as a research associate at Pew Research Center. Barrera is a public opinion research specialist, statistical analysis of the immigrant populations in the U.S. Jen Manuel Krogstad is a professional writer and editor…show more content…
As well the amount of immigrants living in the United States currently as of 2012 has taken a dip in population. A steep drop in detained immigrants in 2014 compared to the numbers in 2000. A significant increase in deportations in 2013 compared to 2005. Lastly only 10 states have claimed to have an increased in unauthorized immigrant population from Mexico. All around evidence that debunks Trump’s claim that Mexico is still sending a high number of criminals to the the U.S. Based on the physical facts stated in this article, U.S. borders have been more effective than ever in preventing unauthorized immigrants from coming…show more content…
The United States immigration policy is highly revolved around fear and cliché rather than physical facts. The public has associated that the majority of immigrants to be lawless and not abiding to the laws stated by the government. Immigrants more and more as time goes on to be more of a threat against society of the U.S. The data has shown that immigrants cannot be blamed for the issues that Trump has claimed at the GOP debate. All his arguments are hearsay which is highly bias and has no physical data to prove his

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