Argumentative Essay About Immigration

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Immigration Illegal immigrants have the potential to cause harm to the United States just like every other person who lives on this earth. However, it seems that an enormous amount of blame is placed on them rather than our own citizens. Illegal immigrants are living, breathing, working individuals who have immigrated to America in search of religious freedom, more job opportunities, and sometimes an escape from overpowering governmental officials. The opinions of others would have all immigrants deported back to their native country. Doing this would cause our economy to plummet due to the high amount of money it would take to see it through. Rather than spending billions for dollars by sending all illegal immigrants back to where they came from, we should assist them in becoming legal citizens of America. Just like Americans, many illegal immigrants have their flaws and make mistakes, but that is what constitutes them as human. As humans, we should be treated and treat others with respect. When we deny illegal immigrants the right to live in our country, we are depriving them of the opportunity to learn and grow. Doing this is demeaning and…show more content…
According to "Seven Surprising Ways Immigration Helps Build a Stronger America," written by Nataly Kelly, "37 million voices who frequently report back to people in other countries about life in the United States. These immigrants often trigger international tourism when their friends and families come to visit" (Seven). These tourists come, spend their money, and help boost our economy. Not only that, but they could be positively influenced to join their friend or family member in the United States. If they were to be deported, thirty-seven million individuals and their loved ones would stop visiting America. This would cause our economy to plummet because their money would be going

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