Persuasive Essay On Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration Illegal immigration has been a cause of many topics of conversations for many years throughout the American people and its government. There are many opinions on both sides of the tape of whether its good or bad. In recent years it has become an epidemic it seems and people are taking drastic measures and a firm stand on the matter and it seems to be causing some distress and drive between people. Immigration can be considered what the United States was built on since the days of Christopher Columbus discovering the new land in the 1492. Considering the U.S. Is built on immigration, what is the problem that the American people have had with it as of late that is causing such the issue when it comes to giving illegal immigrants…show more content…
Hawkins finally states that the crime these people bring in with them due to there poverty threshold status and them being severely under educated. These people will often be breaking the law just being in the United States illegally or obtaining false documents that for the time being pass for them to be aloud in the Country. It shows other illegal immigrants that they don't have to go through the process of filling out all the paper work to become a citizen they can live in the U.S. Illegally or obtain false documents illegally and be able to get away with it for some time. Illegal immigrants have it made when it comes to being a U.S. Citizen where they don't have to do anything legally, all illegally. They can live off of the American people and get government support while hard working Americans support them. They can flee a life of dispare in there country and enjoy an illegal life in the U.S. Illegal immigration will always be a topic of discussion as long as it effects the American people in a way that demeans our way of life and makes us look bad to other countries

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