Undocumented Immigrants Essay

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America is not letting immigrants into the US because most of them are illegal. Many people think that immigrants are damaging our country, But most research shows Immigrants aren't harming us, so why are they still being deported. To be allowed into our country and to become a legal US citizen it takes a process of 13 years (Umhoefer). Most undocumented immigrants don't have that time and patience to become legal immigrants. From the fact that, Immigrants don't do harm to us like they create businesses, but we do harm to them like yell at them to leave our country, and Immigrants help americans with not wanted but necessary jobs, to the fact that Undocumented immigrants are being taken away from there families because they are illegal to the county, Undocumented Immigrants should be allowed to live in america…show more content…
Most of these jobs don't pay for much and are normally the jobs americans do not want. Americans all over the U.S are being unreasonably cruel to undocumented immigrants. Manuel at the age of 44 is an undocumented immigrant that was interviewed. He said These jobs are needed but absurd. No americans want these jobs but still are yelling at immigrants that we are stealing peoples jobs. Therefor, Americans are not being thankful for what these immigrants do for them (Carroll). Immigrants are important in the US because they help people with the unwanted jobs all of the americans have. Another example, Undocumented immigrants should be allowed to live in the US is because undocumented immigrants in the US are helping americans stay stable with jobs, but if they are being took away they can not help with this. Undocumented immigrants everywhere like carlos, an undocumented immigrant who lives in Los Angeles, are fearing they will get deported. Even though he came in america illegally he has a job, and a business that he doesn't want to lose. The business he owns is very important and does not have many like it. (Yee).

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