College Athletes Should Get Paid

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Should College Athletes Get Paid or Not The topic of college athletes getting paid or not is becoming a very hot and controversial topic not only in the sport world but also the United States news. With sports innovating every day and sports changing more and more lives, college athletes are beginning to protest. Throughout college, athletes are not allowed to get paid and now may be the time to change that. College athletes should be paid because being an athlete is a full time job and being a college athlete is harder than people think. Most college football players spend forty three point three hours to their sport. Reminding you they are working three point three hours longer than the average person on the average work week. College athletes have to maintain a fair balance in their live to match their tough schedule. They must balance school, practices sometimes twice or more a day, film sessions, traveling, doing homework, and some who work of extra money to pay for school. The difficulty of being a college athlete is now tougher than ever due to its popularity and revenue income. Yet people still forget that none of this is possible…show more content…
In elementary and middle school, it was fairly easy to manage but in high school it became a little more difficult. Especially with me being a three sport athlete meaning I was busy all school year. Football season is first and I would attend school from 7:30 to 2:42 with practice starting at 3pm and ending around 6:30pm. Then after practice I would have to worry about doing school work, eating and watching filming. This was an everyday thing from Monday through Thursday with games on Friday and film sessions on Saturday and walk through sessions on Sundays. Currently I am in college and track is not in season until January but when it comes I know I will have to adjust my schedule because it consumes a big part of my time
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