Should College Athletes Stay In College Essay

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Division one basketball college athletes should stay in school longer if they do not have a good chance of having a successful career in the Pros. College basketball athletes should stay in school because it “secures the future of the athlete, teaches maturity, and enhances knowledge”(Bleacher Report). Not every basketball athlete does well when they enter the pros early because they are to worry about how much money they going to make. There is a high injury risk in high in professional basketball, but if the athlete does get injured badly they will have a degree to fall back on to ensure a career in any field. College basketball players should not be allowed to go professional until after two years. Although some players enter the draft but half of them who enter don’t even get drafted to a team. When a player enter the draft they cannot go back to college to play basketball because they signed with an agent. Then that’s makes them work even harder just to make it on an NBA team. Every year top high school basketball athletes who get division 1 offers and have a great college basketball career they have a chance of entering the draft early. I say that if you get full scholarship to play basketball you should at least enjoy your…show more content…
When you’re a young athlete who happens to enter the pros the maturity level will not be same as the pros because they been there longer and you just little kid to them. As a basketball player you have to know what type of role you going to play if you enter the pros and you will have to grow up real quickly because it’s not the same as being in college where you have people looking out for you and telling you need to do this and that. Once you enter that adult role of a professional athlete it’s all on you and all the decisions you make will somehow affect you because you haven’t taking on the professional

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