Title IX And Gender Equality

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Title IX was a law created in 1972 to establish equal rights for women in educational and athletic programs. Title IX has given women the opportunity to pursue their education and receive equal funding, to have access to athletic programs. It also gave women a voice to stand up for themselves in pursuit of equality. Some may argue that Title IX diminished the funding and opportunity for men. However, Title IX was a law created to help women gain the same resources as men, not to take away from them. Since Title IX has been signed into law, the United States encountered a major transformation from women. More women were graduating high school and finishing college. The number of girls participating in sports jumped to its highest percentage…show more content…
The numbers went from 1 in 27 of girls playing sports to 1 in 2.5. More colleges started to put more funding towards women’s sports. It’s proved that girls who participate in sports are less likely to drop out of school, smoke, drink and become pregnant. This is important because sports give girls an opportunity to find something they love to do and focus on getting better at it. The passing of Title IX did not just change the growth of sports for women, but it also helped women feel powerful and gain more respect for them. (Feminist Majority…show more content…
This law was made to guarantee that no one would be discriminated based on his or her sex. However, many people think that Title IX limited opportunities for men by trying to make equal rights for women. People say that Title IX resulted in loss in athletic opportunities for men’s sports. This is because there were cuts in men’s sports since the passing of Title IX, but schools cut alethic programs all time. Title IX doesn’t say anything about schools having to cut back. Susan H. Greenberg, a writing and a teacher said, “The lessons of history are clear: college and universities are cutting wrestling teams not because of Title IX, but because they prefer to pour money into football and basketball.” (Christian Science Monitor). This means that schools are not cutting certain teams because of Title IX, but because they rather but more money into other sports that is more compelling to society. Schools choose to support, or reduce certain sports opportunities for men and women for many reasons. It depends how many students are going to participate in the sport and how much budget they have to start a new team. Although men sports have been cut, people don’t look at the big picture. Women continue to be unrepresented among high school and college athletes. High school boys still receive 1.1 million more opportunities than girls to participate in high school funded

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