Should Death Penalty Be Allowed

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Death row should be dropped, our government is far more capable of other things to sentence the dephendent. The death penalty sould be changed, something more complex and creative. What kind of influence is projected from killing some one? Rotting in a cel isnt a punishment or a lesson learned. Second chances should exist. The reasoning and cost. You cant call it a punishment if you just off someone a punishment is something your soppose to learn from, Its just as bad leaving someone to rot in a cel. How do you learn from sitting in a cel doing nothing. Government cost for death row is four times as mutch as it is with a non death penalty trial, money that could be used on far more important things in scisiety, not to mention…show more content…
People were later proven innicent after being exicuted since 1976, Imagince the emotions familys had when they found out they were killed over lack of eviudence and an assumption. The Jouriey listens to the case and they are the diciding factor of the punishment aswell as the dephendent is gilty or not. Basicly persasion dicides the fate of someones life is out rageus. The world has changes drematicly over the course of the years such as religen and the state of mind people have that alone is huge. Its undenieable that race and religen is a unbelivable impact on the diciding factor, someone elses well being shouldnt be anothers consurn if thats how someone wants to live there life and there happy let them be dont try and judge some one by who they are.In the past whites would be quick to throw blacks on death row knowing the didnt do anything just to kill them in the slave days. There have been many cases such as the welthy paying off people to get what they want. People have a lust for revenge or are to deep in there emotions to be suddel and humain going about the situation. Also people work so hard to cover something up and are quick to
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