Anti Intellectualism Killing America Summary

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Humans are ignorant and are not concerned about it. While looking at the list of articles there was one article that truly stuck out, Anti-intellectualism is Killing America. While considering the article there were three questions that came to mind. The first question was what is anti-intellectualism? The next question that arose was how is it “Killing America”? The final question that arose was how can the problem of anti-intellectualism be solved? The first question to be addressed is what is anti-intellectualism? Before understanding why, the author is against the idea of anti-intellectualism one must first understand what anti-intellectualism is. According to the Dictionary of Philosophy intellectualism is the “theory of mind and knowledge…show more content…
With the term “killing America” the author clearly portrays the idea that anti-intellectualism is a harmful idea. Without knowing it America has begun to follow the principle of populism. This idea involves the practice of feeling entitled to make or have an opinion. This social pressure often does not allow for people to form their opinions based on fact, but rather they are formed on the basis of what they think or feel is right. For example, to many people in America politics is a topic that few understand or care about. However, when asked about their opinions as was done in the Intellectual Free Lunch people despite not knowing or acting on misinformation were more than happy to express their ideas. The act of sharing one’s views in itself is not harmful, however sharing incorrect views is a dangerous practice that if left to continue can lead to wide swings in public opinion even if the original information was incorrect. As the author states anti-intellectualism is “killing America”. As a democratic society the United States relies on their citizens to vote officials into office that represent the will of the people. However, this system also relies on voters making informed and rational decisions. If voters express their opinions through voting and are misinformed or un informed they not only harm themselves but harm the nation as a whole. It is our responsibility as citizens of the United States to stay up to date on the issues and to vote according to fact not on personal opinions. This is only one example of anti-intellectualism affecting Americans. Another example mentioned by the book is the idea of racism. With the many racially charged riots and political movements taking place across the country America has stumbled upon a deep rooted stumbling block that reaches back centuries. However, the danger is not racism. It is the concept of anti-intellectualism. In

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