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“Obama was speaking to former New York Times editor Bill Keller, who now runs The Marshall Project, a news organization focused on criminal justice issues. ‘There are certain crimes that are so beyond the pale that I understand society's need to express its outrage,’ he said. ‘So I have not traditionally been opposed to the death penalty in theory. But in practice it's deeply troubling.’” – www.cnn.com One night in Texas, there was a “home invasion.” By the time the police got to the scene, 6-year old Devon, was dead. The police tried to revive 5-year old Damon, but he passed away during the scene. "It was a bloodbath. And when a crime like that happens, it's someone in the house that did this," Toby Shook, the assistant district attorney at the time, told "Death Row Stories."…show more content…
The valuable jewelry that Darlie claimed she had on, was left on the counter in plain sight, untouched. Police arrested Darlie Routier and charged her with the two boys’ murders. She was convicted and sentenced to death. As to this day, Darlie steadfastly claimed that a home intruder was responsible for the attack and that she was innocent. Darin Routier denied involvement in the murders, and subjected himself to a polygraph test by Brian Pardo, a wealthy businessman who had become interested in the case. He failed. “Darlie had no motive at all, and Darin had $250,000 worth of motive," Pardo said from www.cnn.com. “What are you people talking about? Haven’t you heard of the Oklahoma case misconception? The resources and the costly operation could be used to kill, but rebuilding our children’s education is more important.” Says Debate.Org “The death penalty is an enormously expensive and no clear benefits. All of the studies on the cost of capital punishment conclude it is more expensive than a system with life sentences as the maximum penalty.” Says an article named Smart on

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