More Innocent People On Death Row Than Estimated: Study

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The death penalties should be prohibited. No crime committed should result in death. Even if the criminal has committed a murder, I still don’t think that death should be a punishment option. Life in prison is a different story. The article that states this information “ More Innocent People on Death Row Than Estimated: Study” says that not only the fact that death penalties are allowed, but 4% of people that are on death row are wrongly convicted. The article also said that “around 120 of the roughly 3,000 inmates on death row in America are not guilty.” People that are not guilty should not receive capital punishment. Killing an innocent person is just as bad as someone murdering another person. Although I don’t agree with this type of punishment, reading…show more content…
It made me realize that some of the punishments that are given should not be allowed. Death penalties just kill more people, in which some are innocent. The passage makes me think about all the people that lose a family that was convicted incorrectly. Even the people that are judged correctly shouldn’t have to face the punishment of death. Death is very extreme compared to spending time in prison. The passage also made me think about all the people that died because of an incorrect judgement. There must be thousands of people that have died because of a false conviction. The death row and capital punishments should be banned from being given unless it is an extreme case. When reading this article, I was shocked by how people handle knowing that they are on death row. The article states that some of the people convicted “ die by suicide or natural causes while waiting on death row.” Not only does the government put innocent people on death row, but they make some people want or do commit suicide. Capital punishments are bad, but sometimes they can make

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