Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Analysis

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In Pearl Poet story Sir Gawain and the Green Knight has such great set up of the plot action. According to google dictionary plot means to refer to the sequence of events inside a story. In this story the plot was set up where something would always happen after another. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight uses plot through the challenges, traveling, and tricks being played. The challenges comes from the beginning of the story where there a Green Knight who randomly shows up at Kings Arthur court to challenge the leader or anyone else to a game. The Green Knight is allowing whoever decides to take the challenge to strike him with his own axe and they comes to find him after one year. Sir Gawain decides that he will do the challenge, so he grabs the axe and cut his head off. The there’s a twist comes where the Green Knight is head-less but…show more content…
So as Sir Gawain is still sleeping the next morning the lord’s wife comes in and steals a kiss from him. So they begin to exchange kiss for everything that’s being brought in. So she begins to ask him for a love token, but he continues to deny it. As the next morning arises Sir Gawain continues his journey to find the Green Knight he comes near his destination the guide promise that he want tell anyone if he wishes to not take the challenge. So he continues to keep his word, he takes the challenge and gets a message. As things begin to unfold The Green Knight reveals that he is the lord of the castle, where he stayed. Because Sir Gawain didn’t take all the tokens from the lord’s wife he was strike with blood from his neck. As Gawain began to question about things, he finds out that the two ladies at the castle are his aunt and sister. Sir Gawain feels like a failure and sinful. So h return to the court where everybody join his with supporting his with a girdles on their arms. Sir Gawain uses plot through the challenges, traveling, and tricks being played
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