Excessive Drinking On Campus

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Do you consider yourself a risk taker, excitement seeker or extravert in college? If yes, then you might find yourself fitting in with the Greek life on campus. However, there is research that suggests living in an environment such as a fraternity or sorority can alter your decision-making process and behaviors (Reifman). An overwhelming majority of students who choose to live within Greek organizations take part in high-risk drinking and substance abuse. Such abuse is higher in fraternities because men tend to drink more on average than women and the majority of problem drinking transpires at fraternity functions (Meilman, Wechsler). Additionally, fraternities maintain excessive drinking practices on campus. With this in mind, should…show more content…
Studies have proven that “fraternity house residents experience nearly twice as many problems with alcohol as students who live in on-campus apartments” (Klein). Within the houses there are few restraints placed on the consumption of alcohol. Greeks have a more tolerant attitude towards alcohol abuse and brothers will give physical assistance to impaired drinkers within the house. A pledge recalled the experience of being assisted by a brother such as: "I got pretty sick… One of the [pledge educators] had to take care of me [but] I wasn't close to death or anything” (Arnold). Living in an environment that tolerates such conduct will encourage the individual to continue that abusive behavior. Additionally, the fraternity house has alcohol readily availably to its residents. This insolated environment of the house effectively disseminates persistent substance…show more content…
Any alcohol use in fraternities or sororities has been banned in response to unscrupulous behavior over homecoming weekend. Caitlin Parker, interim assistant director of UM’s Office for Fraternity and Sorority involvement, reflects “the actions and behaviors of members over the last few weeks have showcased that our community has lost track of our purpose as value-based organizations” (Kato). The neighboring college town in Bozeman, Montana is also placing fraternity houses on probation. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SAE, has been investigated by university administrators “following allegations that four students have been injured in recent weeks during liquor fueled parties hosted by fraternity members” (Moore). Following the injuries, the severity of the issue escalated when two female students of Montana State reported being given date rape drugs while at a party held by SAE members. Neither of the two females recounted being sexually assaulted; but the presence of predator drugs is a significant threat to the students. Rules and regulations regarding hard liquor use in fraternities on campus seem to be ignored by the SAE members (Dietrich). Alcohol is not permitted on the premises of a dry fraternity. On paper the house is dry, but in practice the regulations are not respected. These recent reports clearly support the research on the

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