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1. On the cover of The Great Gatsby, rosy lips and a pair of depressing eyes are suspended over bright lights coming from a carnival or festival. In the eyes, there appears to be a reflection of nude figures. Coming from the left eye a tear falls down an inexistent face. 2. The epigraph follows an ABAB rhyme scheme giving it a musical rhythm. It discusses the use of material possessions to draw attention to one in order to win over a girl’s heart. 3. Nick is “inclined to reserve all judgments” because everyone has not the same opportunities as him. He was born into an important, wealthy family which gave him leverage in society. 4. The “valley of ashes” is emphasized by Fitzgerald describing it as the “grey land” and “spasms of bleak dust.” He depicts the wasteland as a “fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat…show more content…
Nick claims Jordan to be a careless driver but Jordan acknowledges that other people are not careless so they will stay out of her way. Nick inquires what if she meets someone as careless as her, and Jordan replies, “I hate careless people. That’s why I like you” (62). 7. The reader can predict that Wolfsheim is a shady character because he is very paranoid when Nick, Gatsby, and he are at lunch. Wolfsheim had to investigate his surroundings to see if he was safe or not being watched. Also, his profession is to gamble. He was the man who fixed the World’s Series of 1919. This infers that Wolfsheim is deceiving and greedy. 8. Before the reunion of Daisy and Gatsby, Nick and Gatsby were preparing for it, and Gatsby seemed to be impatient and nervous. When the two are in the room together, there is a moment of silence and Daisy is the first to speak saying how wonderful it is to see him again. However, Gatsby begins to second guess the entire reunion. Nick calms Gatsby and then he rejoins Daisy. After a while, the tension in the room ceases and the two of them are enjoying their time together. Then, Gatsby shows Daisy and Nick around his extravagant

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