Analyzing Lady Gaga's Fame

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“In the book of Gaga, Fame is in your heart, Fame is there to comfort you, to bring you self-confidence and worth whenever you need it.” – Lady Gaga. As many of us know, Lady Gaga is the most eccentric yet absolutely gorgeous celebrity and singer-songwriter. She’s very talented, interesting and artistic therefore; I chose to analyze her perfume advertisement – Fame. The ad is composed of interesting complex minimal visual codes. The overall palette is monochromatic minimalist with high contrast black keys, white low keys and gold inscriptions. The image is taken at eye level giving a panoramic view. Lady Gaga is positioned as the focal point of the image; she is lying down nude in a seductive manner looking away from the advert. Interestingly enough, the portrait seems to imitate the movie Gulliver’s travel except for the fact that instead of miniature soldier’s wearing seven color uniforms tying Gulliver, this version portrays partially naked men wearing mask and a piece of clothing…show more content…
However, this ad stands out since for its highly contrasted monochrome theme and it may portray that it’s for audiences who are obsessively opposed to the typical much like the eccentric Lady Gaga; Sensuality/sexiness because it portrays the pursuit of enjoyment, fulfilling the senses and sexual pleasures as represented by the exquisite seductive body language and well, being nude; Dominance - for Lady Gaga is seen as somewhat like a goddess; and Zeal as men are portraying enthusiasm in pursuit of a goal which is to scale over her body. All of these values could be positive or negative depending on an individual’s

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