The Importance Of Unemployment

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In the free market economy we live in today, money is a vital influence of the kind of lives we lead. Jobs allow people to earn a steady income to live and meet basic human needs such as shelter and food. Currently, however, many people in the United States are unemployment and do not have the money to pay for necessities and meet these basic needs. Personal and social hardships are adverse effects of unemployment that can drastically change one’s life. Being unemployed eventually leads to personal and social hardships that are hard for people to cope with, Personal hardships include family tension, breakdowns, stress, ill health, health problems for younger children, disagreements, increased temper, and destruction of confidence and self…show more content…
I know all about the personal social hardships from arguing with my parents because I felt isolated from everyone else to worrying about whether I was going to move again in the next few years. Unemployment is slowly starting to spread throughout the United States and should be stopped. In August of 2014, the unemployment rate increased to 12.6%. This economy is not concerned about the lives and expenses of people who cannot afford to live and keep up with the increasing standards. Federal, state, and local governments should be heavily involved in helping the unemployed and their families. The public should be more aware of all the harsh reality we live in where people are struggling to stay alive and pay for their expenses when they have nothing to provide. People who are living well should not shut their eyes to the drastic effects of unemployment, Instead, they should work together to make sure that every single person is employed and able to live with ease and comfort. Unemployment walks and marches should be more encouraged to bring even more awareness to this current social issue that our world is

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