The Runner And Chaser Research Paper

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The runner and chaser dynamic in a soul connection is relevant to all soul connections but is most common with twinflames. The runner and chaser dynamic can change roles for each side of the relationship. It begins when one or both spirits are not spiritually enlightened and their conscious mind does not understand what exactly is happening and becomes confused. Basically the runner will run (typically the masculine energy) and the chaser will chase after the runner (typically the femine energy). But they can alternate. The runner is not spiritually aware of whats going on between them and their soulmate. They are overwhelmed from the intensity of the connection. The runner does not understand whats going on and feels like their losing control of everything. The runner tries to escape from this relationship and…show more content…
They can feel the intensity of the relationship. They understand that what they have is so very important. This love leaves the chaser with a lingering feeling there, even if they don’t know what to expect. Typically, the chaser wants some type of commitment and wants to unite with the runner. They want the runner to give into the connection they share and will do anything that they can to do so. This might even make them seem foolish on the outside, sending them numerous text messages, emails, phone calls or searching for them. The chaser just wants a response from them. The chaser chases after the runner. But the more the chaser tries to chase after them, then the more the runner just keeps on running. Thus Creating an emotional chaos. But truth of the matter is, the runners aren’t really running away from the chasers. They are actually just running away from themselves. Chasers are the reflections of runners. The chaser brings up all that they don’t want to deal with. The runners cant handle this and start running. Sadly enough sometimes the runners can go years running from the

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