Short Story Myungsoo

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Myungsoo wonders how the world outside of this place looks like. All he knows are just stories, stories about how the world outside there is wide and free and beautiful. Myungsoo can’t even remember how buildings other than this place buildings look like, can’t remember anything about his past life before this place. All he knows all his life is the place where he lives now, a school that not even the teachers knows where the actual location is. No one in this place knows where they’re, if they’re still in Korea or in another place. They’re all get trapped in this place. Myungsoo has been here for a little over 9 years, far longer than anyone else. Normal students was sent here when they’re between 15 to 18 years old, but Myungsoo has been here since he was 8 years old. This place is his home, because he doesn’t even know if he has a place to go other than this school. He doesn’t know if he still has a family, unable to remember even his own mother’s face. He doesn’t know anything about himself outside the school, doesn’t know who he was and how his life was before he was sent to this school. But even when he can’t remember, he always feels a sense of longing to the outer world. He doesn’t want to be here anymore, but he doesn’t know how to go (no one knows) and he doesn’t know…show more content…
Well, Sungjong is the one who is observing the stars meanwhile Sungyeol is observing Sungjong. Sungjong says that he is studying the constellation of the stars to find out where their exact location is. No one other than Sungjong has thought of that, but no one is surprised that Sungjong has that idea. Sungjong is the smartest of them all, not only having Computer Perception as an ability but he is also naturally smart. Myungsoo wishes that he has Sungjong’s ability because it’s really useful. Sungjong can remember and process a lot of information at a fast pace, not only that but he is also can analyze a lot of things
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