Short Essay On French Culture

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The culture of France and of the French people formed under the impact of the geographical position of the country, its historical events, and other internal and external forces. The meaning of culture could not be underestimated for any country, for its economic and political development, or for its position in the international environment. At the same time, all these factors have their direct and indirect impact upon the development of the culture of a concrete country. France played a significant role in the formation of high culture, starting from the 17th century in Europe and from the 19th century in the whole world. Modern France continues to be of great regional and socio-cultural importance for other countries. France has the official name of the French Republic and its territory includes the metropolitan France in the western part of Europe and several overseas territories and territories. There are 18 integral sectors in France, five of them are situated overseas. The population of the country is around 67 million people. The capital of France is Paris, and other big cities are Lyon, Marseille, Nice, and Bordeaux. During the Iron Age, the main…show more content…
“In 2004, the Institute Montaigne, estimated that within Metropolitan France, 51 million people were White (85% of the population), 6 million were North African (10%), 2 million were Black (3.3%), and 1 million were Asian (1.7%)” (Cohen, 2005, p. 52). People of different ethnic groups live in France, including Turkish, Spanish, Polish, Greek, Armenians, etc. There are up to 400.000 Gypsies. Taking into consideration that the population of France formed in the process of huge immigration waves, it is evident that the culture of the country forms under the impact of this cultural diversity, which is brought on by immigrants, and has resulted in unique tolerance and acceptance within in its
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