Mukundan's The Better Man

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The bond and love that exists in human life is the most important part which is shared by human beings. If there was no bond and relationships there would be no perspective at all. This helps the world to move ahead and human beings and their lives enhanced with sentiments. The author has displayed in her books, the cutting edge of Indian women’s look for restoration of connections that are central to them. Her claim as an author is similarly indicative of the resistance to women's activist expression that wins in India in the center of the twentieth century. As women, her predicament was either to grant voice to women’s concern and be branded as women essayist evacuated from the standard of the scholarly scene or, to deny her women's activist and compose like a man with the male title or male account voice. She uncovers that her concern is with the investigation of human mind. She investigates the passionate environment of her heroes. Life is satisfied as it were in the event…show more content…
The hero Mukundan is depicted as an individual who is sandwiched between the limits of the family holding where he finds a struggle in tolerating the cherished love of his mother, and the hard-wired compulsions from his father who anticipates flawlessness, and in the handle resorts to constrain in advancing his identity. The psychic writhing that Mukundun encounters in his life after his return to his town when he feels that he deceived his mother, appears the connection and possessive nature that a relationship involves in one’s life. The concept that when one likes a specific part in a family, it is nothing but he could recognize his positive viewpoints with the individual and additionally, when one abhors a person in a family it takes after that he or she is recognizing his or her negative perspectives with the individual on the other side is connected
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