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How powerful was Charlemagne? From medieval ages till now the name of the Charlemagne is still remaining popular in historical sources. Charles was” Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire” and leader of Franks (Wikipedia). Many accomplishments of the Charlemagne brought prosperity to his lands. In this essay the question: How powerful was Charlemagne? Will be answered through taking consideration of his military success and administrative accomplishments. Charlemagne was a great commander who created a strong army and waged war with many countries. In this paragraph the military success of Charlemagne will discussed. Before that, the physical abilities of Charlemagne should have…show more content…
(Sypeck, 2006). Einhard is primary and very useful source for this topic. If it comes down to talk about the greatness of Charlemagne, this source seems as a major one. The perspective of Einhard as an eye-witness of the events is very interesting to discuss. As an inner circle and close friend of Charlemagne, Einhard wrote much about the accomplishments of Charles and ignored the negative thoughts. It can be argued that in his book “Two lives of Charlemagne” Einhard somehow depicts the reality. We do not know exactly which facts are real and which are not but the reality is that, in this biography Einhard avoided criticism. There are some evidences that prove this argument. For instance, “The execution of 4500 Saxon rebels or a deed reported by the annals rag Franco rum but not by Einhard, who surely knew the event since he knew the Annals” (Mathew, 2011, p 25). Surely he knew most of those negative consequences as a member of Charlemagne’s court but instead of revealing them he choose to stay silent and much likely to avoid criticism about their King in his biography. . In conclusion, it cannot be denied that Charlemagne’s 46-year reign left a profound impact

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