The Mending Wall Constructed Seamus Heaney Summary

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Zuniga 1 Heather Zuniga Writing 102 Instructor David Leighou 27, October 2014 The Philistine and The Pine The narration of The Mending Wall constructed by Seamus Heaney, is a troubling factor that leaves an ambient sense of ardent yearning for a plausible explanation of human motives. Delving into The Mending Wall I seek to elaborate an elusive segment of understanding the short story, and compare and contrast the Pine farmer to the Apple farmer in their potential backgrounds. Many other works have suggested the Pine farmer to be dark, void of compassion, or even isolated from society. I aspire to invoke a twist on these concepts and convictions. Through the length of this essay I want to question why the Pine farmer is seen as dissociative,…show more content…
But that is not the way to go about it, having this clash of eras should be an eye opening novel idea, the integration and acceptance of new viewpoints. The Apple farmer, although he doesn't force his way on the Pine farmer, questions the farmers motives, instead of trying to learn from him and realize that a wall thats so tortuous to build must have some value. Personally, The Apple Farmer Zuniga 5 is being close-minded and disrespectful to the humble ways of the Pine farmer. While on the flip side the Pine farmer makes no real effort to explain his reasoning to the Apple farmer. But does he really need to? You wouldn't expect someone to question your daily routine, like brushing your teeth or how you tie your shoes, when the only answer you can give them is “because thats how it has always been done”, to the Pine farmer his actions are reasonable, since he has been raised with this…show more content…
Because the story is written biasedly, from Frost’s perspective, it's essential to put all the information just read about into the story now. A farmer who has no prior know-how of societal standards, and a new farmer who once lived a life of moving, no sentimental value to the ground, and in debt, which can be inferred with the time context. Their really is no clear “right” person to side with, since they had no say in the experiences they would have that resulted in this moment and where they were born, nor the life they were born into. Having this in mind the morale is just to appreciate and show appreciation for the values others hold dear. Both farmers disrespected the other in different ways, and both are in the wrong, but overall this experience should serve both as a learning experience. With Frost’s view that walls act as barriers between human relations “Men build too many walls and not enough bridges” (Isaac newton), compared to the simplistic, self-reliant, traditional Pine Farmer, who believes in the ways of his

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