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have fun in japan In order to let everyone enjoy and satisfy the travel completely,Here we spread out a wide range of reaction spots for different kinds of tourists. Shopping area In recent years, an increasing number of people whose come to Japan for shopping, are attracted by Japanese high-quality merchandises, such as electronic products, household articles and elegant furnitures. And Japanese cosmetics and fashionable clothes also attract many young ladies and young people. Ginza - 銀座 Ginza is a Japanese famous business districts. It is lined with shops, ranging from century-old retailers to department stores and the latest high-fashion boutiques. Recently , an increasing number of shops are not only target young people , but also…show more content…
Hachiko-mae Plaza is probably the most popular meeting place in all of Japan. This is also a popular spot for foreign tourists to take photos.The most famous shopping mall of Shibuya is Shibuya109, which is a fashionable community, It has 8 floors above ground and 2 floors underground, there are approximately 120 women's fashion shops which takes the lead in the fashion trends. Except shopping,the culture of music and movie in Shibuya is also active,there often hold music festival or movie festival, lots of theaters and cinemas lie, such as PARCO Theater, Club Croisse, CINESAISON Shibuya, Studio PARCO etc. Location Details Kabukicho -…show more content…
In Japan, there are three historical cities: Kyoto, Osaka and Nara. There are not only known for long historical culture’s background, but also be attractive by those glorious temples and shrines. Therefore, for those tourists who are interested in Japaneses culture and history, we have the following information. Meiji Jingu Shrine - 明治神宮 The shrine was built in 1920 in dedication to Emperor Meiji and his wife. It has the largest number of New Year's visitors in Japan for 34 consecutive years. In shrine,there is a beautiful forest. The forest extends to approximately 700,000-square meters , which comprises about 100,000 trees donated by citizens across Japan, and this woodlands of shrine present different looks with four different seasons. In May, the trees burgeon out, green and tender; In June, 150 kinds of Calamus flowers are in full blooms, colorful and lovely; During late October to November 3rd, it is the period of the Emperor Meiji’s birthday ceremony, a wide range of theaters of Japan are performed at this time, especially the Yabusame, is a memorial ceremony which has 1500 years of history, Archers have to gallop, all the while shooting an arrow,it’s a much-loved

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