Bororacay Environmental Issues

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In recent years, Boracay island in Malay, Aklan has become highly endangered due to the destruction of its resources, both above and below its crystal blue waters. Both climate change and unrestricted development are to blame for this discouraging fact. Boracay is, undoubtedly, one of the country’s top tourist destinations, and as such, has been a major source of income for the Philippines. In 2016 alone, Boracay tourism generated a revenue of 43.9 billion pesos from the 1.7 million tourists who flocked to this island paradise. However, in its continuing efforts at being a top tourist destination, Boracay businesses have intensified the construction of tourist-related attractions. While this may be viewed as an advantage, the absence of planning,…show more content…
The study stated that unmonitored snorkeling and diving activities in coral-rich areas contributed to the damage. The study was part of the Coastal Ecosystem Conversation and Adaptive Management (CECAM) project. The docking of ships and unlawful and unrestricted fishing have also been linked to the occurrence of coral reef degradation. Poor waste management is also another issue which has contributed to Boracay’s environmental damage. Boracay’s water quality has greatly deteriorated in recent years. Alarmingly high levels of coliform bacteria prove that the waters of the island are contaminated by human and animal waste. These findings confirm the unpleasant odor in some areas as well as the algal bloom littering the island’s sandy beaches. Scientists are in agreement that the flourishing in algae growth is conclusive evidence that Boracay’s waters are becoming polluted by so-called “waste…show more content…
As higher priority is given to what has become its primary source of income, which is tourism, they now have to compete with “outside” workers seeking job and business opportunities on the island. Local businesses, such as restaurant and quaint hotels, also have to contend with more established companies and hotel brands, both foreign and local, which are more experienced in tourism-related activities. As more and more foreigners are also settling down and making Boracay their permanent homes and places of business, the locals are slowly being deprived of their habitats and prospective means of livelihood. The choicest beachfront and beach-accessible real estate become available to foreigners who have the economic means, while the locals are forced to settle for the more affordable back areas.

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