Consumer Behaviour In South Africa

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THE CONSUMER CHARACTER OF SOUTH AFRICA Consumer behaviour covers the essential concepts of a subject that not only straddles both marketing and industrial psychology, but also goes beyond the discussion of why people buy things (Botha, 2013). As the most developed country in Africa, South Africa is really unique. Because there lives both black and white people. It is also an interesting country to be identified. There live 77% indigenous, 11% white people from Dutch, England, France, Germany, 9% colored and 3% Indian or Asian. South Africa is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. In urban areas many different ethnic groups will make up the population among them. Household spending is increasing, although the level of consumer…show more content…
People certainly have needs that are very much in a year. Require different commodities and sundry to confront the fourth season. When winter comes, it is certainly a thick jacket to warm themselves desperately needed. But unlike other countries with four seasons, in South Africa it was not snowing. When winter, temperature can reach -2˚C at night. However, during the dayltime the sun is still shining, so many people are out of the house during the winter to bask under the sun. So during winter, people activities are not too different from other seasons, they are still able to leave the house to go shopping. But still, the weather is cold, so they have to wear jackets. But, instead of jacket, they usually use a blanket to cover their body. ADAPTATION WITH TECHNOLOGY As a black South African to be more confident, economically and socially, they form their own identity and pride unique. They are affected by global trends, movies, magazines and newspapers, the Internet and technology. Virtual world in South Africa has extensive Internet and telecommunications networks. E-commerce and virtual shopping is already widely available in South Africa. It has a great impact in the market. Currently South Africans usually prefer to buy online, and instead went shopping to several places in the city. Consumers are finally beginning to embrace e-commerce and mobile…show more content…
A good security system is needed, related to the high criminality in this country. They don’t usually go out when weekends or holiday comes, because it is time for them to rest and release stress. Even some stores are also closed when the weekend comes. They usually spend the weekend by doing braai, they are also gregarious. At night they like to drink wine or beer. Some Africans really like to show off, even the price tags will not be revoked. They like sour taste, and also meat. They like to go shopping to fulfill their needs at the supermarket. E-commerce and virtual shopping are already widely available in South Africa. Nowadays they have been using e-commerce to simplify their lives. Africa with approximately 54 million inhabitants is a large enough market in Africa. Wealth of culture, nature, hospitality and cultural mix of Europe and Africa is becoming a tourist attraction in Africa. Security became one of the considerations to come to this country's with a black majority. South Africa continues to improve itself to overcome this. Out of that, South Africa is a country that is very

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