Heat Transfer Assignment

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My task for the essay is to investigate how scientific knowledge and understanding of heat transfers impacted the world. I will be using the guidance questions that were mentioned on my task sheet about how the knowledge of heat transfers are used in our day to day life, how the knowledge of heat transfers help people living in extreme climatic conditions survive and lastly I will be describing the relationship between colour of clothing and heat transfer. When you wear anything black the material reflects with the sun and that’s how you feel hot. If you wear anything warm for example: jumpers etc… the warmth of the material and anything that is inside helps to trap air from going inside. Heat: This is when the energy is transmitted…show more content…
This also relies on the rapidity of the fluid, the more rapidly the fluid is the more operational the heat transfer. The two examples I found were “boiling water, this is when the heat passes from the burner into the pot, heating the water at the bottom.Then, this hot water rises and cooler water moves down to replace it, causing a circular motion. Hot air balloon, this is when there is a heater inside the balloon that heats the air and so the air moves upwards. This causes the balloon to rise because the hot air gets trapped inside. When the pilot wants to descend, he or she releases some of the hot air and cool air takes its place, causing the balloon to…show more content…
The examples that I found online of evaporation are: “hot tea gets cool over time due to evaporation, hot molecules on the surface gets evaporated by taking away heat with them.Wet clothes dry in the sun due to evaporation, the water in wet clothes takes heat energy from the sun and gets evaporated.Evaporation of perspiration from the body, sweat on our body evaporates taking away heat from our body. Drying of a mopped floor. Drying of wet hair after some time. Drying up of waterbodies like lakes and rivers.Evaporation of nail paint remover when applied on nails, acetone in nail paint remover takes heat from our body and evaporates.Preparation of common salt from sea water by

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