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Pointy Toe Flats are women’s shoes wears mostly used as multipurpose shoes. It is a flat shoe with a pointed toe. These are in wide variety of styles and fashions. These are mostly known by its brand names and there are also custom made shoes like the designer wear shoes. There is a general notion that these flat pointed shoes are usually worn by a fat or over weight peoples. It is also said that those who are not able to wear and walk around with a high heels usually prefers to wear a pointed toe-flat shoes. Presently these are becoming more fashionable that it is worn by all kind of women’s in their daily life. All of these pointy toe flat shoes will be looking better with a proper dress matches. It is advisable to have a dozens of shoes…show more content…
It is also best fit for trekking and long travels on two wheelers by women’s. These are also available in lace and zip type. A black color can be used as common for all dresses. Many women’s also use it as the bizarre fashions. Ankle Strap pointy toe flats are used by many women’s who does not want to slip away their shoes while using them. These ankle straps give it a very good hold. This is also becoming a fashion with these straps coming in various designs and style. Chain pointy toe flats are used to give a traditional looks to a women when she wears a traditional dresses. These are now a fashion, since it is available in leathers and polymers. The chains ornate on flats always add a special beauty to who wears it. Cut out designs is a trendy fashion now-a-days. This is a free type of pointy toe flats that are very comfortable to use. There is a good air gaps you can get while wearing these flats. But these are a fashion to be worn with casuals only. It may not look good with formals. Metal pointy toe flats will be looking very fashionable. It will look very sleek and shiny on sun light and have a glittering effect while walking. This is also a good resistance shoe on the toe side due to metal covering on

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