Pros And Cons Of Genetic Testing

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Genetic testing is a relatively new field. It is a kind of medical test that distinguish the changes in DNA, RNA, chromosomes, genes, or proteins. The results of such a test can affirm or dismiss any suspected genetic condition or help determine a person’s chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder. Genetic testing also examines the genetic data contained inside a person’s cells to figure out if that person has or will develop a certain type of genetic disorder or could pass a genetic disease to his or her child. It can also determine if the parents are having a higher chances than the ordinary population for getting an affected child with genetic disorder symptom. Genetic testing is not obligatory, because there are certain constrain…show more content…
Discrimination is a very real prospect, now that humans posses the technology to analyze genetic contents, insurance companies and employers would like to be able to determine insurance rates and employment statuses based on the genetic composition of people. Individuals may be prevented from obtaining insurance due to a high risk factor for a certain disease. Secondly, abortion also becomes an issue, because if the parents of an unborn child find out that their child has a certain genetic defect, they may decide to end the pregnancy. Reason why some people support genetic testing is that by screening for genetic irregularity, a physician can establish an early treatment that could potentially allow an individual to have a longer lifespan . If a person was found to be positive for a cancer-causing gene, then the individual could change their lifestyle in an attempt to prevent the expression of the gene. If one knows their fate they would be able to make alteration to their lifestyle to deal with their condition rather than learning about it, when it’s too
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